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Congregation Agudas Achim Anshei Sfard

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Nachas Notes

Happy birthday to Jane Rosen! (December 31st)
Happy birthday to Mattan Yedidya Lakein, on January 8th.
Happy Birthday, Bert Grand!
Happy birthday to Yishai Ashkenazi!
Happy Birthday to Mark Stepner (January 16th)!
Happy Anniversary to Yishai and Livia Ashkenazi! (Jan. 19)
Happy Birthday to Sarah Freyda Steingart-Rubnich! (Jan. 27th and 12 Shevat)
Happy Birthday to Levi Yitzchak, son of Rabbi and Mrs. Yale and Rivkie Spalter, grandson of Rabbi and Mrs. Shlomo and Chanie Yaffe! (February 5th and Tu B'Shevat)
Happy Birthday to Shalva Tagayl Sloane, on February 5th.
Happy birthdays to Dina Rebecca (Dina Rivkah) Wagner and Silvia Malkah (Malkah Sima) Wagner, on February 5th and Shevat 29.
Happy Anniversary to Carol and Bernard Wagner! (February 7)